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Willow's Garden of Hope

Zori Hewell Jr. Teen Miss

Zori Hewell Photo Credit: @delanymphoto

Willow's Garden of Hope

Miss Zori Hewell is taking the world by storm, strengthening the roots of our community and bringing us all together.

The Mission of the Willow's Garden of Hope is to make a difference in the world one leaf at a time.

Donations Raised For Schools

"See A Need, Fill A Need" - Robots

Zori recently raised the most donations for a charter school in need of supplies!

Zori’s goal is to bring more hope, support and faith around the world through her platform, Willow's Garden of Hope. This is an outreach initiative she founded that allows her to visit local shelters across the United States. 

Willow's Garden of Hope is a multitude of generous contributions. Sending letters of love, bringing awareness and support to social issues, and making lasting friendships across the nation.

Donating Her Awards From Competition

 Zori is awarded gifts and jackpots while competing in pageantry and what she does with the gifts and jackpots will blow you away, it's unusual for any child, she puts them towards donations, sends to families & children in need, and much more! A selfless act of kindness her heart is so full! 

Help Zori raise more awareness, give to a family in need, and help her compete in more pageants to keep Willow's Garden of Hope traveling the world helping feel the world with more love & kindness with one climb of a branch at a time!

Zori's Branches of Hope donations


How can you get involved?

Sponsors, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for investing in my dreams, helping me expand my platform "Willow's Garden of Hope" across the world and helping me to fulfill my unfinished business.